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Since 1987, AEP has been manufacturing commercial grade utility boxes and valveboxes. Applied Engineering Products (AEP) provides commercial grade irrigation valve boxes, turf irrigation valve boxes and utility underground enclosures that will meet your specific needs. We have a complete line of valve boxes designed to perform under a variety of outdoor conditions. Unique combinations of strength in design and understanding of customer's needs are foremost in our minds. Knowing that “THE CUSTOMER DOES COME FIRST" is AEP's philosophy.

Applied Engineering offers the following key reasons why you should select our plastic underground enclosures over existing competitive products.
 Lightweight - Yet provides higher load and environment resistance qualities over current products in plastic or concrete.
 Reduced Side Angle - Provides easier readjustments to grade, while inside areas remain the same.

 Increased Break Resistant - Structural foamed plastic parts have a lower density than straight injection products. This allows a part to still provide high flexibility thru proper design, while it continues to be more resistant to impact and bowing when installed.

 Non-Conductive or Sparking - Offers good qualities for uses in electrical or phone connection junction boxes.